HCA is a leader in the restaurant exhaust hood cleaning industry. Now expanded to serve South East Florida and Ottawa.The comprehensive approach to cleaning your exhaust system.
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Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning South East Florida & Pittsburgh

Trust HCA to help you avoid dangerous kitchen exhaust equipment grease buildups.

50% of restaurant fires starting in the kitchen. As a result, a regular and complete kitchen exhaust equipment cleaning is of paramount importance.

Hood Cleaners of America is the company to trust with your cleaning needs. Our professional, timely and courteous team is industry certified. Our certification includes the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), Phil Ackland PAC and we follow NFPA 96 guidelines to ensure a high quality kitchen exhaust equipment cleaning.

We ensure a high quality, safe and virtually “no-mess” experience.

So, if you have questions or need service speak to us live on our 24 / 7 customer service hotline.

Just call our toll free number at 1-866-696-7969 and get in touch with us or use our online contact form.

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