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HCA provides professional kitchen exhaust cleaning services

Hood Cleaners of America is the company to trust with your cleaning needs.

Our state-of-the-art quality Control department will send complementary ABSOULTE PICTURE PROOF. (APP) and a COURTERSEY AFTER SERVICE REORT (CASR) that details all the deficiencies from discovered during cleaning. Our in-house repair and maintenance department can handle all of the repairs with our own technicians or using our affiliate service partners like Captive Aire,  Halton, Hood Depot professionals.

Trust HCA to help you avoid dangerous kitchen exhaust equipment grease buildups.

We ensure a high quality, safe and virtually “no-mess” experience.

Company Mission

HCA is a brand created by our founder Bala Kumar who has been in restaurant business before starting a facility janitorial business specifically for restaurants and hospitality over 32 years ago.

His focus was based on 3 major factors that lacked the kitchen exhaust cleaning industries :

  1. Until HCA emerged as a brand in Canada, there was no KEC brand that was serving nationally using the own employees. HCA is the only brand servicing Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia using our own crews. We do not sub contract our jobs.
  2. Certified cleaning does not have to come with a big price tag. Most of our competitors price themselves for the sake of certification. At HCA, our pricing is exactly the same for a chain with 3000 restaurants or an independent with one restaurant. WE are the only company in North America to have both IKECA and MFS certification .
  3. Our jobs are certified and firm consists of 3000 restaurant or an independent on your street block get the very same service and customer care.

These principles have guided us to have become the largest KEC brand in Canada and the only Canadian company to operate through out several USA cities .

We are also one of few companies in this industry to corporately expand throughout Canada and in the USA to major cities in Canada in 2019 and 2020.

Why Choose Us

16 years of delivering the constant services to protect your premises from the fire hazard.