Sanitation and dis-infection Price

Sanitation and dis-infection Price

We have a flat fee for the services regardless of your type of establishment. This gives all of our customers a piece of mind knowing upfront before the fee before any services performed.
All services are pre-paid and we do take Visa, E-Transfer, ETF or online.
Any applicable state services taxes extra.
Covid-19 positive sites will have a surcharge of $149.00 over and above service fee. Customer must inform us of positive cases found in their establishments prior to service begin for number of reasons including safety of our crews.

Base price $449.00 coverage up to 2000sf anything over that is .22cents per SF

10000 and over is @ .15cents SF
50000 and over @ .10cents SF

Premises who have had Covid-19 identified will have a one time $149 surcharge.

Customer must disclose this information prior to service.