Hood Cleaners of america (3)

Why ikeca & MFSR certification is important? how this can be an added advantage for customer!!

IKECA /MFS certification

IKECA certification of HCA  

Certification matters. Most fly by nighters  use the word ” certification” , “certified” on their stickers to mislead customers. You as customers have all the rights to do your research to verify if they are really certified by either IKECA, PAC, or MFS. These are the most qualified certification bodies, who certify all kitchen exhaust companies across the globe.

Fire life safety is not a matter to be taken lightly or anyone to fool around the customers with.

You as a customer’s dollars must be spend to company that hold the kitchen exhaust cleaning to a higher standard.

We at HCA, we are the only company in north America who are certified by IKECA , and MFS to serve our broad base customers across USA and Canada.

One might think, that because we are dual certified, we must be charging way more than our competitors. the answer is wrong. Because we are the largest corporately owned company, we are the most affordable options in the marketplace.  Because we are the largest in Canada, we have that much more back-end support to support our customer’s needs.

So don’t fall for the companies that falsely claim to be certified. In our opinion , they are just giving you a shoe polish sort of cleaning. Actual certified companies , open access panels, take pictures of access panels, trained on all duct work repair, fan unit accessory install, UV light cleaning, etc.

We are also proud to be the second IKECA certified companies in Canada to hold this certification for the past 15 years.

So next time you need your hoods cleaned, please call for a free quotation . we are only a call away. 866-696-7969