2022 IKECA Conference

2022 IKECA Conference Bala and 2 Tampa teams were excited to be in Scottsdale Arizona for IKECA certification. They attended and participated in the IKECA In-Person 2022 Annual Membership Meeting!

HCA & KW Vent Pro Join Forces!

HCA & KW Vent Pro join forces! Bala, Mo and Bean meeting with Spencer. A former KW Vent Pro who joined forces with HCA Canada. The 3 day trip to BC was to meet the BC team from both companies and help with companies integration.

What a great year!

WHAT A GREAT YEAR! 2021 was one of the greatest years for HCA North America!  Among other things, HCA has also started upgrading its fleet vehicles to Nissan NV1500’s across North America which has brought about a more sophisticated, roomier, and safer mode of transport for our crews to travel in.


HCA ACQUIRES KW VENTPRO 2018 INC. KW VentPro has been in service for 30 years servicing customers on mainland Vancouver and they now have joined forces with HCA! We are happy to have on board Spencer Siegerist who has officially taken over the HCA Western Market as our Operations Manager in this region.


COLUMBUS, OH MARKET OPENS! In the month of July 2021, HCA USA opened its Columbus, OH market. HCA is very proud to now be servicing this region and we are looking forward to further expanding our market in the coming months.