NFPA 96 Information

The NFPA (National Fire Protectional Association) 96 standard has established minimum frequencies for the inspection of systems but based on the type or volume of cooking the inspections may be required more often.

While a low-volume cooking establishment, according to the standard, should be at least inspected & cleaned annually, high-volume operations such as fast food or charbroiling or solid fuel cooking operations may require monthly, or even weekly maintenance. If the system is found to be contaminated the entire exhaust system shall be cleaned.

This maintenance routine should accordingly increase if use increases, to ensure safety and efficiency.

Hood Cleaners of America will supply you with a “Certificate of Performance.” NFPA codes require this Certificate to be posted near the hood, much like the tag on your fire system. The Certificate should state the date the system was cleaned and expiration date, as well as noting if there are inaccessible areas in the system.

Hood Cleaners of America is your choice to ensure that your exhaust system is safe. And of course, we guarantee our work to your satisfaction.

What IKECA Means to You 
It means peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that your IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association)-certified service provider, Hood Cleaners of America, will always do a full, thorough job keeping your livelihood safe and secure from exhaust fires and working at top efficiency.

IKECA has been making sure service providers are qualified for years, assuring that they follow NFPA 96 Guidelines and OSHA regulations and making sure that any IKECA-Certified providers deliver great service and quality workmanship.