Franchise FAQ



fr_faqQ: How much do I need to Invest in a Hood Cleaners of America Franchise to start my own business?

A: Hood Cleaners of America Franchises are available for as little of an initial investment as $25,000. There are many different business models and types of franchises available within the Hood Cleaners of America’s franchise system, we will have an opportunity that is fit right for you.

Q: I have trouble with Sales and Marketing and feel that Running my Own Business will be difficult because of this, how does Hood Cleaners of America Support Me?

A: Hood Cleaners of America will be selling for you and with you in and throughout your exclusive territory. The Hood Cleaners of America’s franchise system has a proven marketing and business development system that you will benefit from and will provide you with the ability to build a client base in a short time period. The beauty of the Hood Cleaners of America’s business model is that with great client service, your customers will continue to use your service and you will find a large percentage of your customers are repeat business.

Q: How much Money Can I make in a Hood Cleaners of America’s franchised business?

A: The beauty of running your own business is that the sky is the limit in what you can earn and what your income potential is. With a proven business model, a franchise support system that works and an industry segment that is in demand regardless of the current economic conditions, you have all of the ingredients to earn whatever income you desire. We do not offer an earnings claim at this time.

Q: Is this an industry that will allow for My Growing the Business in a way that could eventually provide me the ability to get out of working in my business?

A: Yes, the Hood Cleaners of America franchise has been designed to help you build a business, not a job. We expect you to work towards a point where you can manage a team of employees and oversee the operations without actually doing the cleaning yourself.